• Token Name:Soulcoin
  • Ticker Symbol:$WSOULX
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Explore the driving mechanics behind SoulX’s utility and value, including incentives, rewards, and transaction facilitation.

Detailed Tokenomics

Token Calculation

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Soulverse is making history with a completely decentralized IDentity infrastructure, the first of its kind to answer the question, ‘what now’, once you have a DID based identity. Without complete infrastructure and interoperability of identity, there will be no enterprise or individual adoption.

Revenue share

Soulverse’s Revenue share for SoulX and Soul IDTM holders

Staking Platform Rewards

1.25% additional rewards to Liquidity providers in addition to platform provided rewards

Wrapped tokens

Wrapped tokens to stake before token launch

Token FAQ's

What entity is the issuer of the tokens?
Nexium Labs, our parent company, is the issuer of the tokens. For more information, please visit our website at Nexium Labs.
What will the fund be used for?
The funds raised through the sale of tokens will be used primarily for ensuring the smooth operation of the project, along with research, marketing, and development efforts. For a detailed breakdown, we encourage you to review our tokenomics section.
What kind of proof of ownership of tokens do the investors receive?
Investors receive proof of ownership through records on our dashboard, where every transaction is documented. Additionally, investors receive wrapped tokens prior to the main sale in May 2024, offering a tangible proof of ownership.
Can tokens be acquired from somewhere after the presale?
Yes, after the presale, tokens will be available on various exchange platforms, including both Centralized Exchanges (CEXs) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs), ensuring wide accessibility.
Which cryptocurrencies/fiat can I use to buy SoulCoin ($SouX)?
SoulCoin ($SouX) can be purchased using ETH, USDT, and Matic. We also offer a seamless conversion option for investors looking to use other currencies to acquire SoulCoin.
What is the main sale price? (Launch price on DEXs and CEXs)
The launch price of SoulCoin ($SouX) on both DEXs and CEXs will be $0.20.